Malayalam film review: Rajisha Vijayan and Shine Tom Chacko star in this flick of the inner workings of the struggle with her rock wedding ceremonies

After painting a warm, unusual, life-style photo of ‘love’ on his first flick Anuraga Karikkin Vellam, Director Khalid Rahman enters his murkier stage next to his third release – Love.

Rajisha Vijayan, the World Health Organization has won a State award for her excellent performance in this flick, making one part of the struggle their wedding event is in the news. Shine Tom Chacko, a reunion with Rahman when Unda, made 0.5 different variants.

Together, they play Anoop and Deepti, the World Health Organization currently as partners; as we often say, there is an additional house of one element but that feeling.

Deepthi realizes she is pregnant and tries to create a connection with Anoop. She gets a text message on her cell phone while others are pregnant, yet it has been for 1 different girl.

They are in the category of a place of love, which means a place of incomprehensible respect for love, taken out of their lives.

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Shot during the study, the love story is kept in four parallel diploma-occupied living quarters, similar to a house game.

Although live drama – such as Revolutionary Road or the newest Portrait of the Blowing Lady – sometimes follows the lives of its opponents in small numbers

Malayalam film Love review Storyline: the inner workings of the struggle with rock wedding events

If not for the quick photo (which lasts for about a minute) about the couple standing crazy and building themselves up equally well and Anoop and Deepthi’s backstory have been postponed to the pictures that adorn the parts of their living space.

And with separation from the current C U (one distinct flick shot all the borders of the epidemic), which exposes cell phones and laptop screens of a book in the pocket, Love does not feel fictional, clever or technically.

Khalid Rahman is partially successful in his efforts to bring about a spirit of legitimacy.

In part, the effects of a multi-in-situ film, a diploma co-op where it suddenly falls dramatically into its writing, this may be despite the dark jokes that adorn the narrative in general and the plot of the court pay docket inside Out.

But these decisions ultimately apply to gildings in a matter that cries out in the middle of the fog end. a postponed movie symbol that is the ultimate act of everything as a blow of comfort, creating your perfect theme seems to be a quick diploma dipypoma flick.

Even Shine Tom Chacko, the World Health Organization holding on to Flick and the stable of Sudheesh Koppa and Gokulan, failed to maintain momentum.

Love covers a quick time of ninety-one minutes. Because right now, it is possible that some extra minutes could go a long way in the process of adding credibility and serving the flick to see its potential.

Love is currently streaming on Netflix

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