Auroville enables the printing of tree bark to meet Birgitta Volz. The clever Aurovillean specifies one that explores tree bark to print a problematic framework in style.

In 1996, right now as the Germans saw a brilliant genius Birgitta Volz was making fun of printing pegs and printing tree bark. He felt a strong craving for a “mysterious” willow tree (Salix caprea).

He soon began to show endless interactions, the structure of the structure due to the different tree bark patterns. however, because of the strong winds, he needed to give.

A few days later, as he was still looking at the result, he was amazed – “My name appeared as a lifelong witch!”

At one point, Volz discovered that from time to time the make-up. there is a gentleness of ‘Caucasian women or salt women’ cited because of the willow spirit of the willow.

This was the beginning of a long and eye-opening journey with the clear print of a clear human skin, the World Health Organization abducted in Auroville in 2005.

This strategy includes applying pure shade to the bark of the tree. and top it with paper or building materials, making drawings that mimic the patterns that appear on the outer holes and holes and the leather of the bark.

Auroville performs tree bark printing: An artist, the World Health Organization has produced a single solo and revealed more than a hundred collections at one time.

Twenty places worldwide in his current credit score estimates show the complexity of the bark text in the accompanying exhibition entitled.

One of his duties

Wherever one cannot use a printing press. I even made my own spicy pictures of pickets and wrote them down. Then in 1994. I wrote a little bit so far barking for the first time and that scared me to death, ”said Volz.

He didn’t think of presence as more since then. Then I glue a piece of paper or a piece of paper to it, and paint it a little bit. because no chemical compounds or solvents are involved.

Prints sq. Live left to dry for one more day. while many prints may appear on the frame, some patterns may choose a gift from naturally occurring prices.

“I have never cheated on a tree.

I rarely see footage on bark; all I have to say is make-up.

The total price later in the entire studio. I usually draw or draw a circle that I find, to make it visible, ”said Volz.

Reading by show

In his awards show, it is possible that the main focus is on the tree placed behind the Tibetan Culture tent. now as he began to show in this tree, he had a “vague feeling that the [Hindu] god would appear”.

And, because of this 0.5 fact, printing implies a manifestation of divinity. The tree, says Volz, says it connects slightly according to the setting we are in.

For the event, a few years ago. he had written a three-year-old baboon loaf of bread, that semiconductor we put him on completely different issues involving African culture.

He also traveled to the nations of the People’s Republic of Asia to print one of the various divisions of the obsolete palace.

In May, a clear-cut man plans to distribute most of his writings to a European country. because the traditional climate in Auroville will not be suitable for paper.

The Tree Tree will study well in the air until the Americas on July 4th.

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