Actress Naveen Polishetty

Jati Ratnalu is a business that has not been seen outside the company’s circle in the last one or two months.

Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna are well understood due to mindless tenders, trailers and swathes.

There are different types of floods that occur in different stages within the different cities and provinces of Telangana.

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The day before Jati Ratnalu’s theater launch, we had a great opportunity to relax and learn more about actor Naveen Polishetty Jogibeth Srikanth.

Conversation sections (because Srikanth does not speak English):

How would you describe Jogipad Srikanth?

He blocked human agent Sai Srinivas Atreya (Naveen’s 2019 Telugu film) on Facebook and did not mention it.

Agent and Naveen R Panda make at least one different conflict with each other. Srikanth is innocent but dumb. He thinks he is a ‘drummer’ (hero) but he is not a crowd to think easily.

There was no surgery in his life and he was calm. He could use Atreya’s work and think about his hat, coat, and record data.

However, it takes an hour or two for the victim’s penis to be used. He will see you as an annoying Sandhya (an Italian assistant).

The World Health Organization needs new respect for the agent and will fall on him. After that we will soon find out Asa’s love sequence.

What will Srikanth do at the Women’s Emporium?

Srikanth, her favorite small business owner, has been mentioned as a women’s shopping center.

Srikanth is fashionable with the women among us, as a result, it fits well with the threat, and what is the function of a frock fall and pico work?

Any World Health Organization should match the bracelets and their outfits for an important day that Srikanth can easily carry.

A typical day in Srikanth’s life?

It rarely starts at noon. At one point he used to go to Secunderabad Tower to whisper under the guise of his comrades (Sehgal and Ravi),

Then save the rooster, cook, and drive all the way to Manjira Dam, Don Don and his male bodyguard, and Mami.

If Srikanth is dumb and angry, will City (Faria Abdullah with various pictures) love him?

You have seen that he is a child and that he is innocent. You have a charm in a small town and you are definitely amazed.

What can you do and do in Shivaratri on March 11?

His male bodyguards and corpses may insist he is fast, but he can support the bell with his colleagues and food.

There are graduates under the Ladies store and I made sure they would eat together during the trial.

Was that strategy not the same as Ratnalu’s 8:45 gift?

He was already there. He is one of the first to have a World Health Organization, presenting his analysis as “Picture Blockbuster Pakistan Division, Mind Pothundanna” to television staff.

What would have happened if Srikanth had crossed paths with actor Naveen Polishetty?

I can also block her on social media. I can type a word from Jogipad Srikanth mode as I type, so no one thinks I like it.

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